A Note from the Publisher

In surgical sales, the race most often goes to the relationship builders. Reps whose customers see them as honest, open, helpful and kind. Reps who've persuaded customers that they are allies in the battle to provide the best care at the lowest possible cost. Help your sales team members get to that exalted place where sales are easier, smoother and bigger with 3 hard-working tools from Outpatient Surgery.

Mind Openers
Before relationship-building can start, your rep must gain permission to speak with the customer. And customers will only agree to engage if they are familiar with your organization and what you do. Make busy facility leaders familiar, help them trust your brand, understand your products and feel warmly toward your company before your rep calls them by advertising in Outpatient Surgery's outstanding printed and online content. Regular messaging in Outpatient Surgery makes decisionmakers far more likely to understand what you offer, take calls from your sales team, include you in requests for proposal and visit your booth at trade shows. Our printed publication produces 3 times as much communication power as the next-best competitor. Our electronic messaging tools produce twice as many interactions as the next-best option.

Customer Finders
Building meaningful relationships is very time-intensive, and for that reason, your salespeople have to pick their spots. Help them focus on the right people and give them help with forming a bond with our 2 information tools, Your Outpatient Surgery Sales Assistant and the New Surgical Construction Bulletin. The first is an amazing database that tells which hospitals, surgery centers and physicians are doing the most surgical volume by procedures and groups of procedures, shows where physicians operate, and also offers current contact, profiling and physician info that provides a huge headstart on sales homework. The second tells where new facilities are opening and which facilities are doing significant remodeling.

Meeting Maker
Nothing builds relationships like in-person meetings. Enable your sales team to meet their very best prospects face-to-face, privately at OR Excellence 2016, our amazing annual meeting for surgical decisionmakers, at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs, Florida. At our Big 10 One-to-One Reverse Trade Show event, your team will have meaningful, intimate conversations with very high-volume surgery facility leaders they would never have a chance to meet otherwise.

Want to know more? Call your Outpatient Surgery rep today and we'll get started on helping you find more customers, form and strengthen relationships and build sales to their rightful potential.

Best regards,

Stan Herrin, Publisher
Outpatient Surgery Magazine