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Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. That's the saying. The reality is quite different. The US Patent Office has issued more than 4,000 patents for mousetraps. Only about 20 ever got into production.

To be successful, a product does need a great design that makes it different and better than the competition. But that's just a start. Many other ingredients are necessary. Importantly, you must get your customers to trust you, understand what it is that you are offering, and comprehend how your product would make a major, positive difference in their jobs or in their lives—a difficult job in this age of information overload.

That's where Outpatient Surgery comes in. Use our print and digital media, as well as our unique meeting and information services, to help you connect with the people who can buy your mousetrap. Our tools help you get your brand and your products in front of decisionmakers, help open their minds, and foster the environment for meaningful back-and-forth conversation. Your product, your messaging and our delivery channels together have the power to move the market to you.

Want to know more? Call your Outpatient Surgery rep today and we'll get started on helping you find more customers, form and strengthen relationships, and build your sales to their rightful potential.

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Stan Herrin, Publisher
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