A Note from the Publisher

In the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps won the 100-meter butterfly by a sixth of an inch. Remember the name of the swimmer who almost beat him? Me neither.

It's not so different in surgical sales. Many times, two or more surgical sales teams are offering outstanding products with competitive pricing and service. All are worthy. But only one can win the prize. The one that does typically has an edge somehow. Maybe the customer is more familiar with the brand, or likes the salesperson better, or has known the company longer.

Give your salespeople those kinds of advantages with products from Outpatient Surgery.

Open customers' minds and help them feel comfortable with your products and people with print and digital advertising. Advertising helps customers learn about and trust your brand, understand your product and service offerings and envision how they can improve outcomes and efficiency. Studies show that the combination of print and digital campaigns attract customers' attention, increase their ad recall and motivate them to purchase. No other publication comes close to delivering highly impactful print and digital campaigns to more primary decisionmakers in the surgical world than Outpatient Surgery.

Great advertising campaigns are only part of the recipe for success. With our Your Outpatient Surgery Sales Assistant and New Surgical Construction Bulletin information products, you can scout prospects and be in front of customers before the competition even knows they exist. Imagine the power of knowing how many specific procedures are being done in facilities across the country and the surgeons who are performing them. Or knowing about an ASC about to be built before the ground is even broken. These tools provide the kind of support and preparation that will allow your sales team to soar.

Of course, few marketing and sales interactions are more impactful than face-to-face meetings. OR Excellence, now in its 10th year, offers highly targeted and focused meetings with the key decisionmakers from many of the busiest facilities in the country. With our combination of one-to-one reverse tradeshow meetings and a highly interactive exhibit hall, vendors consistently tell us they receive dozens more high-quality leads than much larger shows deliver.

Want to know more? Call your Outpatient Surgery rep today and we'll get started on helping you find more customers, form and strengthen relationships, and build your sales to their rightful potential.

Stan Herrin, Publisher
Outpatient Surgery Magazine